very interesting

After yet another stint of not writing anything on the blog I checked the stats today: 65 views.  Generally, about ten people actually end up here because they want  to, and it’s always interesting to look at how the other folks took a wrong turn.  So here are some of the search terms that will land you on my site:

lobster 3
northshorewaterman 2
of mice and men, lenny 2
asshole 2
mouthpieces bee 2
gif boobs 1
cattle stuck in ice 1
cutting yourself 1

Two of these I find particularly interesting.  One is the fact that asshole and northshorewaterman cancelled each other out.  The other is, which somehow made it into the top ten.  Made me wonder what kind of sickos I could draw to this site by simply mentioning some odd things…like bologna sex or meat drapes or gushing gaper grabber.  I’ll keep you posted.  Blood farts.  Oh my views are going to soar.


2 Responses to “very interesting”

  1. antinoro Says:


  2. Rich Says:

    I ended up here after searching for massachusetts deer cool blog though thanks.

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