quick question

It’s becoming clear that we will inevitably be hit by lightning this summer.  Just doesn’t make sense to try to run around avoiding the storms.  I know the basics: shut off all of the electronics; go inside and stay away from exposed metal; try not to let the crew know how nervous lightning makes you etc.  When we are hit I assume two things will happen: the boat will most likely not make it home under its own power and one of us will be cooked through.  My question is how long does the other surviving member of the crew have to wait before he can justify eating the cooked guy?  Sure, we’re fishing close to home.   But the wind will probably be blowing out of the west…we could be out there for hours.


6 Responses to “quick question”

  1. cs5shooter Says:

    Welcome to da’ jungle…

  2. Eric Says:

    I fish and open water swim in an area full of harbour seals. Have you heard of this new concern about them propagating a gnarly new kind of flu? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-19055961
    Sounds like a lot were found back there in New England.

  3. MOAM Says:

    Elizabeth Warren’s people prefer to harpoon them through a hole in the ice.

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