Took me way too long to figure this out…

You see people, there are just some people that are fishy.  Doesn’t matter what they do, where they do it or how they just catch fish.  I am not one of those people.  My solution?  Just treat those fishy people like any other intangible on the water.  For example I might fish a certain spot because of the tide; or water temperature; or moon or whatever.  I wouldn’t fish a spot because fishy person caught fish there.  I can’t compete with that.  So just move on. 

Have a fun summer you miserable fishy pricks. 


7 Responses to “Took me way too long to figure this out…”

  1. Eric Says:

    Hey I’m a friend of Larchez (although I don’t usually admit that publicly). Been fishing off San Diego lately in a kayak. Tons of fun. Having a hard time getting the big yellow tail to bite. Making live bait (mackerel) and trolling slow. Any suggestions?

    • dougmaxfield Says:

      What are you using for leader? Fluoro? Are the fish interested in the bait and just not hitting? What size and style hook?

      • Eric Says:

        Water is very clear so I’m using mono. Tried swim baits and got em to follow but not bite. Started using live mackerel but can’t get em to hit. A guy near me speared one 2 days ago so I know I’m in the right place. Using a #7 j hook. Calico Bass are hitting the shit out of my bait which is a pain because they are getting it before the big bruisers get a chance.

      • dougmaxfield Says:

        Try fluorocarbon leader…Yozuri and seaguar make the best. Also, try a small hook, like a gamagatzu live bait hd in a size 4/0. Open the baits mouth and hook the single hook throw the roof so you can still troll and not ‘drown’ the bait. You could also try a bridle for the bait with a bait needle and a small rubber band. Probably find a vid on youtube.

      • Eric Says:

        Used fluorocarbon leader yesterday. Made it extra long to avoid the fish spotting my swivel and braid. Caught spanish mackerel on jigs for bait. Rigged it through the upper lip (nose just in front of the eyes) with a Mustad 7/0 live bait hook. Trolled very slowly and allowed it to swim. All was well until I started to feel my kayak losing all control. Got really heavy and…..sure as shit the thing was taking on water. Barely made it to shore before the god forsaken thing sank altogether. Had to beach it a couple miles from home. Lifeguards came out to help and the whole deal. It sucked in ways that only a fisherman can truly appreciate. Oh, and my bait was gone when I took in my line. So I pretty much got skunked in every way.

        I suspect my problem is the spanish mackerel. From what I’m hearing around here, yellowtail don’t want spanish. They want green backs. Thing is, it’s luck of the draw when jigging for bait.


      • dougmaxfield Says:

        Bait barge in the area? I know you can cast-net them but not from a kayak. Might be time for some artificials…Can’t beat a Hogy rigged and fished right.

      • Eric Says:

        No barge that I’m aware of. Guys around here typically go make bait just along the kelp beds and everyone tries for the green backs. A lot of guys use squid which apparently works really well. I don’t have that tackle and I don’t know how to rig a squid. Probably time to learn.
        As for the artificials….they work gangbusters for calico bass and barracuda. Lots of fun to cast in the lines between the kelp. I’ve had yellowtail follow my lures, but haven’t gotten ’em to bite.

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