Swim trunks vs. board shorts

Now, we’re all adults here and I think that we can discuss this topic in an appropriate manner.  For years I loved swim trunks, but nowadays I just spend too much time ‘out’ of them.  And trust me…this is somehow belly related or ass influenced because I certainly don’t think my balls are getting any bigger.  As a matter of fact aside from a few gray pubes I think everything is business as usual.

I don’t know that I’m quite hip enough to pull off the board shorts.  No liner?  No underpants?  WTF?  But I’m thinking if my balls are going to be out anyway, why have them pinched by a rubber band?  I’m as weird as they come but ball torture isn’t my thing.  That’s it, it’s decided.  Board shorts from now on.  I only hope that I can find a place to buy them without some 20yr old db wearing lenseless glasses and skinny jeans asking me some smartass question in some cool guy slang.  Hey kid, I can get crunk with the best of them.  I think.


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