Attention all kayakers…

Stand up paddle boarders, canoe’ers (?), windsurfers…I’m not going to tell you what to do.  It’s no longer my place.  If you want to paddle down the middle of the channel despite having half a mile on either side of you that’s your prerogative.  But don’t start throwing dirty looks at every boat that doesn’t slow down for you.  Your boat needs five inches of water and if you hit bottom, you might have to stand up to move?  Power boats need more than that and if they hit bottom it could cost thousands.

Should you have your own sanctuary void of power boats where you can enjoy the beauty of nature?  Sure.  And you do.  So go fucking find them.  There are plenty of places where there is relatively low boat traffic, or none at all.  Put some effort in or deal with it.

That is all.

Tell me you weren’t thinking about this as soon as you read prerogative.


5 Responses to “Attention all kayakers…”

  1. the jerk Says:


  2. MOAM Says:

    If you pass me while I’m rowing the Herreshoff Columbia Tender, be careful that my wake doesn’t swamp you. I can’t be held responsible with the Hammer Brothers, Jack and Sledge, at the oars.

  3. Violletta Says:

    Is “prerogative” really spelled that way? Probably. You tell me fancy St. Michaels English major guy. I wanted to spell it like Bobby Brown sings it.

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