Attention all purveyors of seafood…

I know that everyone is just trying to make a living.  It’s not easy with all of the overhead and a perishable product not to mention the seedy elements that won’t pay their bills and claim fault after the fact.  But hear me out on this one: you would be better acquainted with your product if you spent a day (or two) out with the fishermen that catch it.  You would be able to relate to and therefore deal with fishermen more directly; you would become better salesmen being able to speak about the process of fishing more intimately; and you would become better people, because let’s face it: the open ocean changes you and the people who spend their lives on it are just a little better than everyone else.  Sorry.

So, just ask one of your fishermen to take you out for a day.  I’m sure that they will be happy to oblige if they get to choose the day.  And who knows…maybe the next time you scr** them in the A*s you’ll use a little vasoline you Pig F….What’s that honey?  I’ll be right there.



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