Happy 40th Matty O

How I felt at the party:

How I actually looked:

I drink too much; I eat too much; I smoke too much; I work too much; I lie; I don’t go to the dentist; I don’t go to the doctor; I often find myself coveting thy neighbor’s wife; I’m insecure; I often smell and don’t know it; I bite my fingernails; I don’t call my mother enough; I don’t see my friends enough and often make up stories to explain why I can’t make it.  The fact that I need to get better about making entries on this blog isn’t not on my mind…it’s just that it falls somewhere in the middle of a very long list of little things that I should be improving.  Keep checking in though, or you’ll never get your participation ribbon.

Oh, and I ate the worm.


One Response to “Happy 40th Matty O”

  1. MOAM Says:

    Nice Hat.

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