Bizarro world

Don’t ever ask permission for anything.  Just do what you think should be right until they come and throw you in jail.  Because given the opportunity, everyone loves to say no to feel important.  This is the message that has been handed down to me from above and I will not forget or forgive. 

“Well Doug, why all the rage?”

Let me tell you, voice in my head.  This past week the boat I’ve been taking longlining has had trouble with the vms (that’s vessel monitoring system to you desk-jockeys).  I, wanting ever so much to be compliant with the law, have been calling the vms managers office in the mornings at departure time and when I finish my trip to give him the necessary information that would normally be submitted via email and vms (coincidentally enough the same information submitted by paper copy in my vessel trip report every day.  Redundant much?).  I have just been informed that this is no longer allowable and that I am grounded until we can get the machine fixed or a new one in place.  Scott, being the reliable owner that he is, has a new machine being overnighted for installment tom.  I have also been informed that the registration process can be daunting, and should the new machine not be registered by tom. afternoon I will be out of service until at least Tuesday because the folks that handle the vms registration don’t (or won’t) work on weekends.  All this coming with a new area opening tonight after a two month closure.  When you work for Swick, and consequently me, it’s almost always go time for something.  But right now is really go time.

Now, I’m going to try not to slit my own throat here.  We have to work with these people.  But are they that afraid that I’m looking to break the law?  After going out of my way all week to notify anyone who will listen about the ins and outs of my operation?  The vms managers dreams will be haunted by the sound of Scott’s voice in all of the messages he’s left him.  Not to mention, there is no problem with paying some recent college grad to puke all over the boat while counting fish we catch but the thought of paying someone to look up at the gps and ensure we are not in a closed area is just ludicrous.  And hey, maybe someone works a couple of extra hours to make sure we can get this thing done at such an important time?  I mean, I planned on working all weekend…and one of my days is longer than two of theirs. 

Just another shining example of how, despite the smiles and well-wishing; the slap on the backs and the “we want to help you’s”; and the claims that NOAA wants us to be viable small business’s the system and those it employs are here to take away.  They are not here to give back.   And the next person that informs us that “it’s not my fault, my hands are tied”  might just find themselves with their fucking hands tied. 

OOps.  Was that my out-loud voice? 

Northshorewaterman, signing off.


One Response to “Bizarro world”

  1. MOAM Says:

    Justice and Rationality exist, but are not commonplace. Rage against the Machine, Waterman.

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