True American Heroes: Johanna Thomas & Emilie Listinger

It takes great big brass balls to give yourself to the written word and then submit your work for the scrutiny of tens of thousands.  It may take even bigger brass balls to advise said readers on how they should conduct themselves just because you have manipulated and regurgitated some numbers on paper regarding projected fall-out from an un-proven system in New England’s fisheries management structure.  Big brass balls is not adequate to describe the cojones it takes to do so right now: with half of the fleet tied up; small boats scrambling to sell everything; inshore stocks in crisis and an 80% cut in the quota looming for the most important commercial fish species in the region (a species that appeared to be “rebuilt” just as your sector management system was started).     

kudos Emilie and Johanna.  I’m gonna get you a participation ribbon.

If you care about the future of wild fish stocks and fishing families, there is an easy way to protect both when you shop or eat out: Buy New England-caught cod, flounder, haddock and other groundfish. That’s because after decades of decline, these iconic fish — the backbone of a centuries-old industry — are now being managed sustainably under a two-year-old program called catch shares.

Eh, whatever gets asses in the seat I guess.  Should you care to waste more time:

One Response to “True American Heroes: Johanna Thomas & Emilie Listinger”

  1. Sean Says:

    Unreal. They are pure evil.

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