This week is bullshit.  First: no fish.  Second: Junior Seau off’s himself (if that guy can come up with a reason to kill himself, I could come up with at least five (no mom, I’m not going to kill myself (at least not without taking some of you suckers out with me))).  Now, MCA dies.  I can’t imagine anyone on the planet who couldn’t find at least one B-Boys song that they liked.  Hell, I spent four years listening to ‘Paul’s Boutique’ before it got old. 

“Hey honey?  Where’s my ‘Paul’s Boutique’ ?


One Response to “RIP MCA”

  1. MOAM Says:

    Hated to see Seau’s Mom. that alone should have been a reason to keep from pulling the trigger. I’m with the mental illness consensus for the reason that he ended it. No man is a island – other people always get hurt.

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