Some tips for the mid-atlantic coast of Florida

If your going to the Stuart area and are looking for some fishing opportunities, contact John at  No pony-tail; no Snook earings; no attitude.  Guys just fun to fish with. 

If your thinking of doing it on your own, please learn from my mistakes:

    1) If you’re fishing the river, either because of wind or choice, leave the fly rod at home.  My stubbornness cost me years of great fishing and drove me close to mad.  The intercostal is not Andros no matter how bad you want it to be.

   2) Fish the beach, fly or spin, whenever you can.  Because it will not be long before you can’t.

   3) From the last hour of dark to the sun breaking the horizon to the east will be the best fishing of the day.  Don’t complain if you miss it. 

   4) Don’t let the crowds around the bridges scare you off:  look for the flats close by.  They’ll be loaded with fish and empty of fishermen. 

   5) Wear something decent on your feet…even if you don’t think its necessary.  I’ve now got over twenty stiches  reinforcing this lesson.

  6) Don’t listen to anyone.  They’re all idiots.  Figure it out on your own. 

Granted, you’ll need more than these few pearls of wisdom to succeed.  But they should help.


One Response to “Some tips for the mid-atlantic coast of Florida”

  1. MOAM Says:

    Snook are a wily fish. I caught one once.

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