On the board

I was getting nervous…down to the final day of vacation and I had yet to go to the hospital.  Figured I head to the bridge flat for a few final Snook and trout before we packed and headed for west palm and the flight home.  Well, Ass over tea-kettle off a rock and here I am: A condo to clean; a rental car that looks like an abandoned tackle shop; one hour drive to wpb; and apparently a quick stop at the Martin County hospital.

A real first-class operation.  They had me in and out in under an hour.  It helped that the doctor was an avid fisherman who had traveled extensively throughout the Bahamas and was familiar with the west end of Grand Bahama.  I did feel kind of bad for the old dude in the room next door who I’m pretty sure was flat-lining while the doctor shrugged off the nurses to continue our conversation about spearing hogfish around isolated coral heads on the ocean side of the flats.  But hey, I had a plane to catch. 

Seven stitches, and a smaller version of the scar on my other ankle from a similar incident four years ago.   Officially on the board for 2012. 

Self-proclaimed biggest cluster-fuck in the world.  Go ahead, take your best shot.

And for the record, two Snook and one trout before my little snafu.


One Response to “On the board”

  1. batman Says:

    This never happen in the Bahama’s

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