All done.

Finished the ‘2011’ fishing season with a nice relaxing 22hr. stint that saw a massive influx of dogfish (not really a good omen for the 2012 gillnet season).  Got the boat scrubbed up and cleaned out today and I’m getting the hell out of dodge for two weeks. 

All in all the hooking experiment was a success.  Caught a few fish and learned quite a bit about longlining, which may be the only way a new entrant could feasibly catch a few groundfish without being a millionaire. 

This crappy blog will have to wait until I return.  Maybe I’ll finally get a new computer so I can revisit the days when actual interesting footage could be posted on this sorry little site.  I’ve got a nice little stockpile.

Until then, no phone; no computer; no boss asking me what?; no worries except what restaurant wifey and I will visit for dinner or what stretch of beach I’m going to sight-fish after the morning bite on the flats. 



3 Responses to “All done.”

  1. tuf Says:

    enjoy yourself ,,catch you on the rebound

  2. saltcod7 Says:

    Hi Doug,

    I enjoy following your blog. Great perspective. Keep it coming. I look forward to your return.

    Salt cod

  3. MOAM Says:

    This is such Bullshit. A true Blogger never leaves his Peeps. Never.

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