So today, despite the shit-storm of money I have been dishing out as of late, I decided to get a suspicious noise checked out in my truck.  $1700 later I’m driving a Dodge Caliber.  And as much fun as I have had staining the seats with grease from the new hauler on  the Ashley and Anthony (that’s right mom, I’m a hooker now), I realized something: Perhaps, when it takes 30 seconds to find the door handle to get out of your rental car, you should have just walked home from your neighbors and not driven.   And, you should have made sure your neighbors were home.  Because as innocent as I thought drinking in their house alone was, everyone knows what I was thinking.  They smelled fabulous. 

Oh, shit.  Was that my out-loud voice?

On a side note, someone I don’t know recently called me a pig on another website that referenced mine.  I was initially upset.  I have since changed my stance. 



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