NOAA doubles winter flounder allocations, officially declares itself retarded.

Don’t get me wrong…the winter flounder allocations seemed dreadfully low and quickly made winter flounder a choke stock preventing people from targeting other flat fish.  But not for nothing this is the umpteenth time that they have made drastic changes to allocations with seemingly little science backed numbers (or at the very least poorly publicized research) to keep bad publicity away from a sector management system that is quickly resembling a monkey fucking a football. 

   To date, the best available science has screwed the pooch on pollock, skate, dogfish and most importantly cod (not only the most important species in the northeast; but a species that was quickly rebuilding itself according to fishermen and scientists until WOOOPSY). 

I’ve got a suggestion for NOAA and its seemingly unlimited funds: Take action immediately to stop the offshore boats from claiming Gulf of Maine cod are being caught in the Western Georges broad stock area.  You know it’s happening.  The fishermen know it’s happening.  Hell, even the mouth breathers you train to ‘observe’ us know it’s happening.  It shoots this system in the foot in so many ways.  So fix it. 

What to do with the culprits?  Kickem’ the fuck out of the fishery.  That’s right.  Bring back Dale fucking Jones if that’s what it takes but these shitbags need to be run over the fucking coals for knowingly screwing their fellow fishermen. 

Too much?  I think not.  Our inshore waters are very delicate, as we have learned from the last couple of collapses.  Why allow offshore boats to come in and catch un-allocated fish screwing the population numbers for both inshore and Western Georges while giving the day boat fleet no chance to survive?  Time for someone in that fancy new office to get off their ass and take some action.  Because when this industry goes to shit we are ALL going to have our fingerprints on it.  Not just the fishermen.   

P.S.  no offense to retarded people.  I love those goofy bastards.


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