Welcome back

A good friend of mine just recently returned from an extended vacation.  Within my circle there are certainly mixed emotions regarding the circumstances surrounding said vacation.  Here are my emotions: people fuck up.  No matter how, it always seems to effect more than just the fuck-up-er.  And if we all had crystal balls (like mine) wouldn’t the world be just fucking perfect.  But we don’t.  You could forgive and forget.  You could hate him forever.  I’m not going to judge.  I think I’ll take him for who he is and see how he deals with what he’s been through.  Let’s not mistake that for me buying into any face-saving pitch he’s cooked up.  As he knows, I can be a little abrasive.  But at least he’ll get the truth.

At any rate, it’s good to have him back.  Idiot.


3 Responses to “Welcome back”

  1. MOAM Says:

    We may forgive, but we won’t forget. This isn’t over until the law of karma kicks in for everybody.

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