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Git after it.

February 28, 2012

Amendment A18

February 24, 2012

February 28th marks the last day the New England Fishery Management Council will accept comments on amendment A18 scoping to address fleet consolidation.  Here is my letter:

To the New England Fisheries Management Council,


            I understand that the council has an extremely full plate at the moment, but a no-action vote on A18 will only postpone actions that will inevitably be needed to save this industry.  I oppose the no-action vote on A18 because fleet diversity will and is changing the historic New England groundfish fleet and its communities forever.  The longer we wait to address these problems the harder they will be to fix.  I have been working in the industry for 12 years as a stern-man and a captain and the dream of one day owning a fishing boat is becoming a pipe dream.  I don’t want a 100’ boat.  I don’t want 2 million pounds of fish to catch.  I want to do what fishermen have been doing for generations: work a small boat; employ one or two local people; support local infrastructure; supply the freshest product in a sustainable manner. 

            Consolidation, as we are seeing right now with GOM cod, will not solve the sustainability problems that sector management aimed to do.  It’s costing the industry jobs while depleting the fish populations at an alarming rate.  And try as they might, no fisherman in the northeast believes that claiming the 2008 stock surveys were wrong is a valid explanation as to why our most recent stock survey was so dire. 

            As far as actions, there are many ideas floating around…and most of them seem to be focused on one issue: stop offshore boats from catching inshore fish.  The western GOM is just a thumbprint on the map of George’s bank and cannot handle the fishing power that it is currently faced with.  Many of these large vessels acquired their GOM allocations through the process of consolidation.  It seems to me that this increase in inshore fishing power is not the goal of allocations in the first place.  Some baseline requirements must be put in place to protect this fragile broad-stock area.  Look at the successes of the past in the GOM. 

            Also, with the demand for allocation at an all-time high, prices are making it impossible for the next generation of fishermen to get their foot in the door.  So much of this allocation has been tied up in various permit banks to be leased, why couldn’t there be requirements for permit banks to return allocation to the fishermen’s hands once the initial costs have been covered and a set profit made?  This re-sale of allocation would be available to fishermen who meet a set list of requirements (i.e. Owner/operator; new entrant; etc.) and would allow the permit banks to continue to operate while giving fishermen an opportunity to catch ‘their own’ fish.  The current system has created a first in the industry: people making a profit from fish that they did not catch.  These leasing costs are killing the day-boat fleet who cannot absorb the extra expenses given the volatility of fish prices.  That is not what being a fisherman is supposed to be about. 

            Actions taken to confront the current issues in this industry will shape the face of the New England groundfishery for years to come.  We will all have our fingerprints on the results.  Our legacy should not be to increase profits for the ‘winners’ under the guise of environmentally conscious action.  I only hope that the quiet voices of the many can defeat the loud voices of the few. 

Yeah, I got a little corny at the end.  Sue me.  If you think you can do better, feel free:

New blood

February 23, 2012

If your looking for a crewman who can work hard, hire a clammer.  If your looking for a crewman who can work fast, hire a race car driver…

My recomendation: kill two birds with one stone.  If you can walk away from a crash like that with a smile, chances are you can survive a month fishing with a Pork n’ beaner like me. 

So far, so good.

2:26 am and I flat out stole this…

February 21, 2012

Glad I did.

Galvanized Cocksuckers

February 20, 2012

When I started writing all of this foolishness, I made a point to only tell a few people what I was doing.  You know, in case it was a disaster I had some pre-emptive damage control.  I never linked in with facebook or any of that other shit because lets face it: I’m lazy.  My rediculous following can be credited to two things: word of mouth and a number of people out there who, while they might not want to admit it, think a little like me. 

One of the folks I told gave me some very good advice: Don’t be crude or swear too much because you don’t want some people, perhaps someday your own children, reading that sort of stuff.  Not only was it good advice, but perhaps some advice I should have taken.  Perhaps not.  It’s still a little too soon to know for sure.

Fact is, I don’t trust people who don’t swear enough.  Strange that I do trust people who don’t swear at all.  It’s those folks in the middle that you’ve got to watch out for.  Like I’ve always said, if your going to do something you might as well do it right the first time. 

Not swearing in this blog would have been against me nature, not to mention it would have been a weak attempt to try to be someone I’m not.  I mean, for fuck’s sake (yes, that’s possessive), I’m a fisherman.  A fisherman who is trying to catch a few galvanized cocksuckers. 

Don’t get mad at me, I didn’t make up the name or tell you to read this shit. 

You can see where the name came from:

Anyone know where I can find a few thousand?

Honey, I’m a hooker

February 17, 2012

Yes I’ve been a little mia this past week.  But with good reason.  I’ve returned to the helm of ‘my’ boat and been trying to learn a new fishery: longlining.  Yes, it’s a bit of a throwback.  But so far so good.  I’ve only scared the shit out of myself a couple of times. 

In the process, I’ve realized two things this week.  One is that fishermen in Gloucester, despite whatever stereotypes are out there, are really helpful when it counts.  And two, and this refers to my new sternman, if you can dig clams in the winter you can do anything.  One week in and the kid looks like an old pro. 

More to come…

And any of you ladies who misunderstood ‘hooker’, feel free to give me a call.  Everyone has their price.

yeah I’m a day late…

February 15, 2012

Give me a break.  Someone’s got to feed a hungry nation.


February 11, 2012

February 10, 2012


February 10, 2012

So today, despite the shit-storm of money I have been dishing out as of late, I decided to get a suspicious noise checked out in my truck.  $1700 later I’m driving a Dodge Caliber.  And as much fun as I have had staining the seats with grease from the new hauler on  the Ashley and Anthony (that’s right mom, I’m a hooker now), I realized something: Perhaps, when it takes 30 seconds to find the door handle to get out of your rental car, you should have just walked home from your neighbors and not driven.   And, you should have made sure your neighbors were home.  Because as innocent as I thought drinking in their house alone was, everyone knows what I was thinking.  They smelled fabulous. 

Oh, shit.  Was that my out-loud voice?

On a side note, someone I don’t know recently called me a pig on another website that referenced mine.  I was initially upset.  I have since changed my stance.