So my buddy Evan, his little boy Ben and myself went to breakfast at the Stone Soup Cafe in Ipswich this morning.  Aside from being a great place to eat, the waitresses were more than accommodating when faced with the mess left behind.  Ben being 10 months old, his table manners are nothing short of horrible. 

Anyway, the thought came up that perhaps some of the other patrons may have thought that we (Evan and I) were a couple.  I mean, in this day and age it’s not so out of the norm to see.  And then the question arose: which role in the relationship would either of us be playing.  Because naturally as straight men we assume that one guy in the gay couple has to be the girly man. 

Now, it goes without saying that the beard and all the plaid flannel make me the front-runner for the top.  And upon further review, I’ve decided that with Ben being Evan’s kid and all there was no question that I was the bear in the relationship.  You know, Evan having to constantly help the kid eat and clean him up and shit. 

I haven’t quite figured out why it matters to me that the patrons of a restaurant, whom I don’t know, and who may or may not think  that I am in a gay relationship assume that I am the ‘man’, but I chalked it up to a moral victory anyway. 

What’s that Evan?  NO, I was listening.


3 Responses to “Top?”

  1. tuf Says:

    doug ,,,, you are way to funny . i like the way your brain works . i’m glad you finally got a day off. sounds like you needed it . blame it on to many empty nets ….. let the healing begin

  2. MOAM Says:

    This is way too uncomfortable…. And you have the nerve to give me shit about the locker room!

  3. Ty Says:

    Evan definately takes it- nice work Doug

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