Alaskan fisherman responds to an article written by EDF about the success of EDF’s catch share system:

Leaving out the fact that catch shares have nothing to do with fish management l would just say that I’ve been an Alaska commercial Halibut fisherman for a very long time and the writer of this article ought to take a look at what is happening on the grounds here.  Our stocks After 15 years of catch shares  are in crash dive.
Fishermen deluded into catch shares should realize what happens when he or she owns quota and the stocks go down.  Many of us here are left with payments on our quota loans that can’t be met from our alloted catch, which is now dropping sharply every year.Ifq’s destroyed a fine fleet.  The jobs went and the net worth of vessels, what we called equity if we owned one, fell to near zero. That was the first 2 years.  Now the 10% of fishermen that were feeling quite clever to have survived are broken by the resourse colapse.

Here’s the article, should you feel so inclined:


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