Conspiracy Theory

OK, bear with me on this one…

Is it so far-fetched to believe that the big money Enviro’s rushed sector management in place in the northeast so that it would fail and they could achieve their hidden agenda: making Stellwagon Bank a marine sanctuary that will be closed to all commercial and recreational fishing?

The sector management system made no efforts to cap how much allocation one entity could control; removed any limitations on the transfer of allocation between vessels of different sizes; allowed fishing in multiple ‘broad stock’ areas on one trip (which throws any data based on fish landings out the window); basically invited offshore vessels back into areas that the inshore day boat fleet depend on; claimed its intent was to reduce effort while it effectively reduced the fleet by 30% and doubled the effort of the remaining boats; removed three of the four months that were designated ‘rolling closures’ so that fish could spawn without being harassed. 

While NOAA decides the fate of the inshore fishery based on a new cod stock assessment that is terrifically low people in the management game are scrambling to figure out a way to continue to fish without crashing the stock all together.  Wouldn’t it be convenient for someone to propose that “you guys can keep fishing exactly the way you have been for the past two years, but you’ll have to let us turn Stellwagon into a sanctuary.”  Up against the ropes fishermen will have no choice but to agree. 

How else could the powers that be stand idly about while the inshore stocks are being devastated in the same manner that they were twenty years ago? 

 Just sayin’


3 Responses to “Conspiracy Theory”

  1. tuf Says:

    Hi Doug. It doesn’t seem your far off the mark ( or probably right on ) . It’s as if they let the russians back in . They should let the japanese whalers come in for awhile also ( with RESEARCH written on the side ). That way they can finish off anyone else whom may be left. NO WHALES LEFT . The cod stocks were building back at an appropriate rate.The misuse of Gulf Of Maine stock by C/R FLEET and other big boat fleet was a crime that went unanswered. I don’t no if this was any sort of plan or not by management . You would only hope not .The question will be — will they ( management ) recognize the problem when presented to them and not make the small boat industry pay for what was aloud blatantly by offshore big boat fleet. which , as we know, is still currently going on.Pretending they are out to sea catching Georges Bank Cod when in fact they are right off the shoreline on Stellwagen Bank is a crime for which they have absolutely no shame . It was a sustainable living for the inshore fleet that was playing by the rules . thanks for your blog doug …….

    • dougmaxfield Says:

      Generally, as a rule of thumb (sorry ladies), I consider myself to be full of shit. I’ll be the first one to tell you that 12 years in this industry gives me just enough experience to get myself into trouble. That’s why comments from guys like Tuf matter: guys been fishing for about 100 yrs and has seen it all. And I’m starting to hear more and more guys like Tuf saying the same things.
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Joey C Says:

    What exactly was the problem with Days-at-Sea?

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