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January 28, 2012

So my buddy Evan, his little boy Ben and myself went to breakfast at the Stone Soup Cafe in Ipswich this morning.  Aside from being a great place to eat, the waitresses were more than accommodating when faced with the mess left behind.  Ben being 10 months old, his table manners are nothing short of horrible. 

Anyway, the thought came up that perhaps some of the other patrons may have thought that we (Evan and I) were a couple.  I mean, in this day and age it’s not so out of the norm to see.  And then the question arose: which role in the relationship would either of us be playing.  Because naturally as straight men we assume that one guy in the gay couple has to be the girly man. 

Now, it goes without saying that the beard and all the plaid flannel make me the front-runner for the top.  And upon further review, I’ve decided that with Ben being Evan’s kid and all there was no question that I was the bear in the relationship.  You know, Evan having to constantly help the kid eat and clean him up and shit. 

I haven’t quite figured out why it matters to me that the patrons of a restaurant, whom I don’t know, and who may or may not think  that I am in a gay relationship assume that I am the ‘man’, but I chalked it up to a moral victory anyway. 

What’s that Evan?  NO, I was listening.


January 26, 2012

Alaskan fisherman responds to an article written by EDF about the success of EDF’s catch share system:

January 25, 2012
Leaving out the fact that catch shares have nothing to do with fish management l would just say that I’ve been an Alaska commercial Halibut fisherman for a very long time and the writer of this article ought to take a look at what is happening on the grounds here.  Our stocks After 15 years of catch shares  are in crash dive.
Fishermen deluded into catch shares should realize what happens when he or she owns quota and the stocks go down.  Many of us here are left with payments on our quota loans that can’t be met from our alloted catch, which is now dropping sharply every year.Ifq’s destroyed a fine fleet.  The jobs went and the net worth of vessels, what we called equity if we owned one, fell to near zero. That was the first 2 years.  Now the 10% of fishermen that were feeling quite clever to have survived are broken by the resourse colapse.

Here’s the article, should you feel so inclined:

Cundiff and Einhorn

January 23, 2012

Einhorn and Cundiff.

January 22, 2012

Dave Chappelle, why have you forsaken us?

January 19, 2012



The permit bank dilema: solved.

January 18, 2012

It’s no secret that all of the pro-sector management folks are selling permit banks as the savior for fleet diversity.  A bogus sale from the start, I have always thought that turning fishermen into life-long sharecroppers depending on the allmighty permit banks to dole out their right to fish as they see fit was not a good alternative.  Not to mention the reason our industry is so special is because you have to work to make money.  Making money simply by having money is a new development in our industry (or at least has become much more prevalent  in recent history).  No one seems to want to adress the huge profits that these permit banks will eventually be turning in the near future…which basically means while these banks have driven the cost of a license beyond the reach of the average owner/operator, they will show investors what a wise financial decision it would be to scoop up as many permits as possible and simply lease out the fish.

By selling themselves as saviors of the community; or hero’s to the small boat fleet; or champions of the environment these permit banks convince engo’s to donate vast amounts of money to help them secure permits.  Well, why can’t we hold them to the ideals that they advertise?  If the permit banks want to lease out 100% of the allocation associated with their holdings,  they should be required to sell the permit for a set profit margin once the investment has paid for itself.  Then, said permit could return to fishermen’s hands if they  meet a set list of requirements to have the right to purchase the permit.  The permit banks will still be making a profit; the cost of permits will become more reasonable; fishermen will once again own their right to fish rather than rent it; it will allow new entrants to the fishery assuming that some of the set ‘requirements’ are looking out for the actual future of the industry. 

A scoping hearing for amendment 18 will take place in Gloucester on the 30th in an effort to brainstorm ideas that will promote fleet diversity and prevent over consolidation.  This idea will be my contribution.

It has just recently been brought to my attention…

January 18, 2012

That I am a lobster fairy.

From the ‘Jerk’

January 14, 2012


God asks Aaron Rodgers: “What do you believe?” Rodgers says, “I believe in hard work, and in staying true to family and friends.” God can’t help but see the goodness of Rodgers and offers him a seat to his left.


Then God turns to Tim Tebow and says, “What do you believe?” Tebow says, “I believe in your total goodness, love and generosity and that you have given all to mankind.” God is greatly moved by Tebow’s eloquence, and offers him a seat to his right.

Finally, God turns to Tom Brady: “And you, Tom, what do you believe?” Tom replies, “I believe you’re in my seat.

January 14, 2012