I hate the ‘Jerk’

So the Jerk sent me this video the other day to remind me how sick the fishing was where I used to live in the Bahamas.  And to remind me I’m an asshole for leaving.  And to remind me that by leaving he can no longer visit.   Mission accomplished.  Kind of an obnoxious video, but you can see my old house at the .04 second mark.  And trust me, when my buddy Deely and I worked at this club we did not take ourselves so seriously: a trip to the airstrip flat  would always include some Kalik.


3 Responses to “I hate the ‘Jerk’”

  1. Dan Says:


  2. Naked Mole Rat Says:

    At .48, your buddy claims that he’s seen thousands of sasquatch. Is that true? Are they also native to the island?

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