So this past weekend I attended wifey’s 10th high school reunion at the lobster trap in Essex.  Pretty much what you would expect: pretty people who are now ugly; ugly people who are now pretty; people who never drink wayyy too drunk; people who always drink performing as expected; Children that are the smartest, most athletic angels to ever grace the face of the planet; awkward conversations with people who knew you better than you knew them (and perhaps vice versa); old hook-ups; and the creepy old guy that was hitting on every girl there (me).

One thing that I did not expect and thoroughly enjoyed: The girl who no one really remembered who was dressed like a stripper working the catholic school girl angle and handing out drink coasters that were advertising her Divorce/personal injury legal firm.

I kept it.

Never know, if  Sarah gets sick of my shit and throws me down the stairs I’ll need professional legal counsel.  Professional.

It was nice to be back at the trap…perhaps one of the biggest tragedies to hit the north shore in the last century.


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