Deval Patrick asks for $21 million to aid fishermen


I can’t pin down just how I feel about this proposal.  On the one hand, I know that revenues are down for a lot of folks in the industry and a little help could go along way.  On the other, by the time the committees and sub-committees are done ‘figuring’ out how to distribute the funds, most of the money will be spent on bs.  Then, assuming that there is a package to help fishermen, how do you address the issue of boats going out of business and displaced crew? How can a ‘fair’ package be devised when there are winners and losers in the new system?

On top of the issue of how funds are distributed, there is the image of the industry to consider.  In a time when govt spending seems completely out of control, the majority of the population (pretty much anyone who lives further than ten miles from the coast) isn’t going to bitch about the hundreds of millions of dollars wasted on funding NOAA’s  ever-growing army of redundancy; they are, however, going to bitch about fishermen getting $21 mil in relief for “sleeping in the bed that they have made”.   That’s not going to bode well for political support in the future.  Not to mention all of the smug jack-holes that think this is the way the fishermen wanted things to go.

Tough call.


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