Still a virgin

Five sessions in and still no venison for the 2011 season.  Very important that I shoot a deer this year.  I’m getting really sick of losing the standing bet with ‘the jerk’ every year.  Although I do enjoy paying him in ones half-way through a night of drinking and then suggesting we go up route 1.

Not to make excuses, but when its calm I’m working while the deer are running wild.  When its windy and or stormy, I’m hunting and all of the deer are bedding down.  Not to make excuses.

It is nice to know that after the sun sets and I’m settling down to some nice black box there are usually around ten deer in the yard leisurely grazing.  They’ll screw up sooner or later.  And give me a chance to then screw up.

I’ve got a feeling about tomorrow afternoon.  And no, the black box references will not stop.


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