Now that’s how you do it…

October 2, 2011

Letter: Fishery council must get past rubber stamps


To the editor:

The New England Fishery Management Council has a tiger, of its own creation, by the tail.

The councilors know they can’t hold on, but sure as hell they can’t let go. As questionable as their makeup and motives may be, the simple fact remains that NOAA administrator Jane Lubchenco left them with no alternative but to rubber-stamp her warped vision of fisheries management.

Her plan is working perfectly. Small businesses are dropping like flies, jobs throughout the industry are being lost daily, and the divisive nature of catch shares is polarizing the fleet, obliterating what little unity we had once aspired to. It’s now “them that got,” versus “them what ain’t.”

The real issue, which is the equitable distribution of our common resource, isn’t even being discussed. There are already enough fish for everybody to get by on, and plenty more in the pipeline, but the problem is that too many fish are ending up in too few fish holds.

That, simply stated, is the ultimate objective. Lubchenco has publicly proclaimed that goal.

Remember the “elimination of a sizable percentage of the fleet” comment? Or who can forget the reassuring “fewer, but better jobs” declaration.

Until such time as this council has the guts to stand up to her, everything is merely federal fisheries flatulence.

When is somebody going to open a window?



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