September morn…

Unlike trout fishing, there is almost no advantage to using a fly-rod to catch stripers.  Conventional gear and well presented bait will catch larger and more fish.  Of course there are some that will disagree.  Their argument being “what if the fish are targeting small bait”.  Well, learn how to fish small lures you boob. “Oh, but what about the challenge?”  Just admit it, you’re a stubborn ass.  Just like me.

All that having been said, I enjoy the hell out of catching stripers on a fly rod.  Especially on the rare day when I luck into a nice one…on some ugly fly that I tied myself…when my ‘life’ partner Hammer gets skunked.  Don’t judge me.

And the winner is:

As a side note: just one time I would like to be in a picture where I don’t look like I should be pushing a three wheeled grocery cart full of hub caps and shouting obscenities at pigeons.  Just one time.


3 Responses to “September morn…”

  1. MOAM Says:

    Nice Flyrod.

  2. David Festa Says:

    I thought Matt was your ‘life’ partner.

  3. The jerk Says:

    Who is this hammer guy, he must be quite a nice guy to let you catch all the fish.

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