gray area

This is our pear tree (I know, I know.  I’ll take care of the pruning as soon as the leaves drop).  Apparently there are actually three different kinds of pears grafted onto the main trunk.  They never really ripen, and we’ve found that they are better for pear sauce than anything.  Well, except feeding the deer.  Now, in Massachusetts it is illegal to ‘bait’ deer.  It is not illegal to grow trees.  Technically, this tree is breaking the law.  Whatever.  Its forty yards from the corner of my deck.

We’ll just all ignore the fact that the ol’ blog has been a little slow this week.  I’ll try to be better.  No I won’t.


2 Responses to “gray area”

  1. MOAM Says:

    Either the date setting is wrong on your camera, or that was a damn warm January evening.

    Accuracy is everything, Waterman.

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