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Divide and Conquer

May 26, 2011

As we move forward with the new sector management regime there is more and more dissension between the different fisheries: Offshore boats devastating inshore grounds; Gillnetters preventing fish from crossing closure lines; market flooding; permit stacking; quota consolidation…

In the end of the day its easy to point fingers at individuals and claim ‘they’ are the reason for ‘this’.  But this is fishing and people are going to take advantage of every opportunity to increase the profitability of their business.  It would seem that NOAA has stolen a page out of Sun Tzu’s Art of War in their efforts to decrease the number of individuals in the fleet.  Fishermen blaming fishermen  for reacting to changing market and regulatory conditions will chip away at any sense of unity we might have had.  Just what they want.

It’s been said that anything that goes wrong on a boat is ultimately the captains fault.  Time for NOAA to start looking for a new captain.  Because anyone that thinks this system will benefit fish or fishermen may be in for  a surprise.

Time for me to get a look at some new grounds and see what this dragging thing is all about.  Back next week.


Cycling? Really?

May 25, 2011

There’s been a lot of talk about cycling and steroids this week…what with Tyler Hamilton’s 60 minute display and his being from Marblehead.  Now, I wear a beard and have a penis, so I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of the sport.  However, the issue and this particular instance both hit close to home for me so I should give my final ruling.

I once heard a good baseball playing friend of mine comment on Barry Bonds: “who cares how much he juiced, he still has to have a ton of skill to hit the ball.”

Yeah, fine.  Tons of skill.  But what about the guy with tons of skill that didn’t juice?  And what if we are talking about just making it to the majors and not being a superstar?  Then, the guy with no juice gets fucked by a cheating p.o.s.  End of story.

Hey, everyone screws up.  Sometimes all those sissy emotions like greed, jealousy, lust etc get the best of us and we make the wrong decision.  All of us (please bear this in mind when I make sweet sweet love to your wife, Jerk).  But going on sixty minutes and pointing fingers to stay out of jail does not make amends.  Explaining the long and arduous road that led to your poor judgement does not make amends.   Be a man, come clean, and eat your stinkin’ crow.  Then, when your done with your time, give the people you’ve fucked a chance to tell you whether you’ve made amends.

My buddy that’s a pro cyclist was watching the 60 minute thing this past weekend;  watching his training partner come clean; realizing, I think, the extent to which he just grabbed ankle.  He said, whether it be joking or not, “I should have doped.  That was the difference.”  Well, guess what?  No, you shouldn’t have.  There, now you know.  You may be a delicate version of Reggie Dunlop to local cyclists instead of some huge star with endorsements coming out ya arse, but you can say “I was there.  I rode with the best.  I was on the doorstep to cycling immortality.  And I didn’t cheat.”  Then you can go back to your boring, perfect life and not look back with regret.

A friend of mine (and the inspiration for this foolish site) also makes a great point: why are the American people paying for FBI investigations and jail time for athletes that cheat?  A good read over on Nanepashemet (links on the sidebar).

Doug Maxfield, life coach.  Business cards soon to come.

This picture?  Off topic.  But athletic none the less.

It wasn’t pretty

May 24, 2011

But it can’t always be.

Our bad

May 23, 2011

Finally, fishermen and the agency can move forward in creating a relationship based on trust, the best available science, and hopefully friendship.  Wee.

Let the Games begin

May 20, 2011

So, I guess the rapture begins tomorrow.  I’m not sure how all of this is supposed to go down, but I think there is a seven-year period between the ascension of the holier-than-thou crowd and the actual end of the world.

This means that my birthday next week should be pretty kick-ass.  No cares in the world…just seven years to earn my place in eternal damnation…or at least solidify my standing as an upper echelon sinner.  Starting tonight, I’m going to party like the end of the world is tomorrow.  And then, when the end of the world does not come, I plan on continuing to act a fool until it does.  Better safe than sorry.

I wonder who the lucky bastard is going to be that finds the pope’s outfit.  Good times.

Easy, Alby

May 18, 2011

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  This past week has me feeling just a touch insane.   Remember kids: just because you work to get the boat ready; taking the time to put the end lines together and get the nets flaked on; going out in crappy weather to tend the gear in a responsible manner does not guarantee that you are going to make any money.  Awwwww, poor me.

Gotta keep ya feet.

May 17, 2011

Bwahahahahahahahah!  No kind of a day for standin’ on ya head.

Sure, it’s been windy this week.  Experienced captains know that 4-7′ waves are no place for a 100+ footer.

Dan Rather Reports

May 16, 2011

Tomorrow night Dan Rather will report on NOAA’s  flagrant violation of fisherman’s rights on HDnet @ 8p.m.  While this is old news, they are supposed to have some footage of the raid on the Gloucester Display Auction.   That should be entertaining.

The Rap world mourns a legend.

May 16, 2011

Or not…someone should have Dougied his way out of the path of that bullet.

Pills are good, pills are goooood.

May 11, 2011