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bonus situation

January 31, 2011

Aside from the obvious drawbacks to this snowmobile thing (all they do is break and I’m pretty sure that all of the neighbors hate me), there are definitely unexpected benefits.  First off, I’m feel like I’ve been back in the gym for the first time in ever.  Between digging the thing out and hiking through waist deep snow to cut trails I’ve gotten more exercise outside of work than I have in a long time.  Second, with three feet of snow on the ground there is no better way to compact trails than riding around.  Now, should any of my healthy friends decide they want to go skiing or snowshoeing, they have a great network of trails to follow.  Also, any parents that have visions of their children winning gold in the X-games should have them training on the hill…Because that thing is fast.  Just remember, you or yours gets hurt, yo-yo-mo-fo.  Can’t squeeze blood from a stone.

Here’s some video of the lower loop over to my neighbor Matty O’s.  That’s where the fire pit lives.

In my efforts to establish a respectable network of paths on my property, and with the suggestion of another one of my neighbors with experience in the field, I have come up with this years project for the land (of which I try to complete one a year: put in the lawn; chicken coup; asparagus patch; lower garden; ‘orchid area’).  This years project may be a sugar shack down the hill, with a network of tubing running up-hill to several tapped maple trees.  Sarah seems to be on board and my neighbor with experience in the field thinks that we could pull  it off without all that much effort….which I love.  Who knows, by this time next year some of you in the loop may be wiping my sweet, sticky syrup off of your face.  What?
And to avoid any confusion, yo-yo-mo-fo means you’re on you’re own, mofo.


Arnie, rockin’ the finger.

January 30, 2011

The resemblance…uncanny.

I’m back.

January 27, 2011

From this:

To this:

Hey, I’m not bitching about the snow…I can have a lot more fun up here in six feet of snow than I can in Florida when its 40 at night and the wind is screaming out of the east all day.  I still agree with this weatherman:

Also, why don’t we all just tip our drinks a little to the hard working Florida watermen…just trying to feed a hungry nation:

Winter fishing

January 21, 2011

That’s what they call an indicator.  It’s going to be hard to miss all this in Florida this weekend.

Rush, slow down

January 20, 2011

Well looky looky who’s got a cookie?  Rush Limbaugh recently decided to make Barney Frank’s fight for the fisherman a platform from which he can let everyone know what a champion of the working class that he is.

Please, Rush.  Find another venue.  You are no better than the enviro-nazis who take 10% of the information that’s out there and start voicing their opinions.   Next thing you know the media will have every fisherman in bed with Sarah Palin lighting cigars with oil money.   MMMMM…in bed with Sarah Palin.  She looks spry.

Is Rex Ryan Lex Luthor?

January 18, 2011

Hear me out on this one.  How is it possible for a man to exist that is so utterly offensive in every facet of his existence?  How could that man then proceed to achieve the highest levels of success?  Then I thought of the possibility that it is all an act…the foot fetish; the bravado; the doing to exact opposite of everything a sane coach would do in regards to the media…imagine the confidence that would give a team?  “hey guys, we’re going to act like complete douche-bag Jersey shore assholes until everyone is so pissed of at us they can’t even think.  All the while, we’ll know.”   I do think there is a place in this world for a true evil genius…is this the guy?

Eh, either way I’m just glad I’m a hockey fan.

Someone please tell me…

January 17, 2011

why I didn’t buy one of these four years ago?

Move over, Dickie.

January 16, 2011


Cami Secret™ provides instant cleavage coverage with an elegant layered look. Attaches quickly to any bra size for stylish, breathable comfort. Avoid uncomfortable bulky tank tops. Adjust up or down for desired coverage – attach or remove without even removing clothing. Add a touch of color to any outfit. Set of 3 includes white, beige, and black.


Why wouldn’t you call this a titty dickie?  C’mon, people…life is short.  You have to take advantage of an opportunity like this.

I made the paper today…what did you do? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

January 14, 2011

Gloucester Police/Fire: Four transported after second thoughts on injuries

By Nick Curcuru
Staff Writer

A two-car accident, termed “minor” by police, nonetheless sent four people to Addison Gilbert Hospital after all had originally told officers police they did not need medical attention.

Police were called to the parking lot of Steve Connolly’s Seafood on Main Street at 9:45 a.m. Thursday on reports of a minor two-car accident.

When police arrived, they learned that a man driving a grey pickup truck had collided with a parked brown SUV just behind the rear wheel on the passenger’s side.

According to police reports damage to both vehicles was minor and both drivers told police they were not injured.

But four passengers who were in the SUV, which was preparing to leave its parking spot, told police that they were not injured, then changed their minds and asked police to call rescue squads to the scene.

According to police reports, the passengers complained of head and neck pain and could not explain why they initially told police they were not injured.

All four were transported to Addison Gilbert Hospital by three city ambulances and one private ambulance.

Let’s cook

January 13, 2011