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Never gets old

November 30, 2010

Shot this from the bow of the Lobster boat today.

Cool sunset also…


truer words ain’t never been sunged

November 27, 2010

November 25, 2010

From All of me at Northshorewaterman, have a happy Thanksgiving.

No to be out-done…

November 25, 2010

Well its Thanksgiving everyone, and while Dave Marciano was kind enough to share all that he is thankful for with the Gloucester Times (see link from earlier post) I thought my well wishes should be a little more focused.

Dear Jane,
Just wanted to wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving.  I can only imagine how difficult it will be to enjoy the holiday season while you watch your house of cards slowly fall down.  Look on the bright side, you were able to put a lot of good, honest, hard-working people out of jobs this year whilst creating entry-level positions for a bunch of future Janes (I especially loved all the observers this year who had never laid eyes on a cod before).  I noticed that there is plenty of parking at that fancy new building in Gloucester…probably need it since the NMFS enforcement dept has so many vehicles.  While I spend the next month watching all of the offshore boats efficiently wipe out  the fish that we have worked so hard to bring back to our local waters I will certainly be thinking of you and your family.  If your running out of ideas for Christmas shopping, you could always give some more of our quota to the Cape Cod Hook Sector so that they can lease it to someone else and sit home in front of the fire.  Nothing says I love you Like time spent with loved ones.  Again, have the happiest of holidays.

Doug Maxfield

PS. In case I don’t see them, wish all of your friends that make your decisions for you at EDF a happy Hanukkah.


If you would like to send any holiday wishes to NOAA’s fearless leader, contact the Environmental Defense Fund.  If you would like to drop Jane Lubchenko a little note, she can be reached at

Question of the day?

November 24, 2010

Scott and I, in an effort to fill endless hours together without actually having a fist fight, often find ourselves engaged in moronic conversation.  Recently, said conversations turned to air travel and the new TSA ‘frisking’ methods.  Ultimately, this led to the new scanner.  I’ve certainly been hearing all the hype, but personally don’t think it’s that big a deal.  Hell, There’s only three types of junk on this planet: male junk, female junk, and he-she junk.  Now the he-she’s might have a gripe, but other than that get over it.  Oh, you’re a hot chick and you don’t want some douche staring at your almost naked silhouette?  Trust a professional, it’s better than him resorting to whats in his own imagination.  Oh, you’re a chubby, grumpy fisherman with a man-child for a boss and small unit?  Shit happens, life goes on.  Try thinking of the poor TSA agents who not only have to view the worst of the worst, but get shit on by every traveler to boot.

All that aside, let’s get to the question of the day: is it actually illegal to stuff a large sausage down your pants and try to pass through one of these scanners?

How about the previous scenario with full disclosure?

Now that’s a rant.

November 24, 2010

November 20, 2010

growing like a weed.

November 18, 2010

Sure, he looks like a cow.  But whatever you do, don’t try to milk him.  Or go ahead and try, what do I care.


November 18, 2010

Brilliant premise

November 18, 2010