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October 31, 2010

Tim Thomas, with more shut-outs in the first six games of the season than any other goaltender since the 70’s, has allowed only three goals in his last six games.  This coming after a season where he was sidelined whilst a young upstart ruled the pipes.  Talk of a trade dominated the off-season.  Folks said that an off-season hip surgery would be the end of him.

How to shut up your critics.


Jonah crab

October 29, 2010

This is a Jonah Crab:

Not to be confused with Jonah Hex:

This movie was so bad, sales of Jonah crab have plummeted.  Seems that Jonah Hex was a Jonah for Jonahs.


October 29, 2010

gov.  Deval Patrick is asking the Fed’s for $40 mil in relief for fishermen.  I don’t want it.  Take your hand-outs and shove them.  Let us catch the fish that we have sacrificed so much to bring back.  Besides, every time there is a “relief” package the committees and sub-committees set up to decide how to spend the money usually pocket a good share.

I know, I know…

October 28, 2010

Sure, I’ve been slacking.  But give me a break.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to be this witty, creative and dashing every day?  I mean christ, there are only so many news stories to spin.  What am I, the ONION?  I put up the link for Saving Seafood, read the shit yourself.  Besides, I saw this picture the other day and have been petrified to go near the computer ever since:

Do the Homo’s have a different devil than we do?  They didn’t teach me that in Sunday school.

Who cares if he cracked the German Enigma code and won WWII indeed!

October 26, 2010

It is good to have goals

October 23, 2010

Generally, when I set my mind to something I am able to stay focused and accomplish my goal.  Right now mission number one is to become a hillbilly.  I’ve got the chickens running around, which is nice.  The boat in the yard also adds a nice little touch.  I’m working on the deer hunting, but I think that the image of me in full camo walking up and down the hill with various weapons leaves a lasting impression on the neighbors.  The latest addition is this little sweetheart:

I got her at Honest E’s up in Fremont N.H.  I don’t know much about tractors, but E had a smelt shack in his garage, smoked a cigar and looked me in the eye while he crushed my hand.  I was sold.  Some overalls and a cup-holder and this little beauty will fit right in.  Up next: an old snowmobile of questionable running status.

Clam wars

October 21, 2010

so apparently there is a show on the food network tonight on Fried clams in Essex.  Food Feuds will host a face-off between woodman’s and Farnham’s to decide who has the best fried clams.  Both establishments are famous in their own rights, to tourists.  Lets break it down: Farnham’s has great food but is full of DB’s who’s customer service is about as reliable as, well, something that’s not reliable.  Their on the list.  Woodman’s is a master of the eat in the rough game; the Woodman family is phenomenal and has given back to the community in many ways; I would rather drink dumpster water out of a bum’s shoe than eat there.

Here is the list from an actual self-proclaimed fried clam aficionado:  Choate bridge pub for value (friggin’ plate is huge).  Essex Seafood for ‘eat in the rough’ ambiance.  The Village restaurant for the best damned clam plate on the North shore…hands down.

You can disagree if you want, but what do you know?

Open Season

October 19, 2010

Bow hunting season opened yesterday…think it may open for me towards the end of the week.  Ahhhh, year four of failure.  Can my fragile ego handle it?  Only time will tell.


October 16, 2010

I’m in the market for a used Coast Guard 47′.  If anyone has any leads, please contact me immediately!

When did this happen?

October 15, 2010

Honestly, I don’t know when this happened.  There were no newsletters or memos.  There was no mention of this during the re-structuring of our fishery management system.  But somewhere along the line, the Environmental Defense Fund Was able to get their foot in the door and slowly slither through.  I’m not sure if they rode the wave of their bullshit sense of moral superiority, or if they just took advantage of everyone’s willingness to ignore flaws in the system in order to “take environmentally sound action”.  Perhaps Jane Lubchenco hid them under her coat.  It seems that now they consider themselves a part of the process.  This is evident by their feeling the need to publicly support or denounce every action made by NOAA or Secretary Locke.

One such example:

We look forward to working with him and Secretary Locke, Administrator Lubchenco, the New England Congressional Delegation and the fishing industry to develop a better understanding of our fragile fish resource and identify the best ways to rebuild and maintain our fisheries for generations to come.‬

What has made this private, non-profit group full of radical environmentalists who are biased to the core think that they have the authority to sway any government-funded scientifically based regulatory action?   Fisheries and their governing bodies should not be influenced by anyone’s moral agenda.  The Science should be running the show, and if federal research boats can’t get it done, why not look at the information the fishermen provide on a daily basis?  Anyone with any background knowledge at all in the industry could look at a catch report from today, compare it to one from ten years ago, and learn quite a bit.   I’m guessing that a catch report would seem to be written in gibberish to the folks at the EDF.