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Garden Project

May 31, 2010

With the use of a mini excavator, a 45hp Hew Holland front loader and 20+ yards of loam, we managed to complete this years garden project.  The stone for the two retaining walls came from the surrounding hill-side, with plenty to spare.  And, an unexpected bonus was that in order for the machines to work efficiently, we had to terrace the hill below the retaining wall.  This area will be easy to convert into a lower garden in years to come.

Before                                                                                                                          After

Side view                                                                                                                     Uphill view



May 31, 2010

There will never be another Dennis Hopper, I just wish he could take back Waterworld.  Content aside, there are not many people that can steal a scene from C.W.


May 30, 2010

So, the garden project is nearing completion with only the final grading, about 30 yards of soil to move and the planting.  I have been using youtube to do a little research on various things of which I have no  idea (proper compost bin construction, pest control, rotation of crops etc).  In my search for a reasonable approach to deer fencing, without building a replica of the great wall, I stumbled upon this:

Great, now I have to go and get pigs on the off-chance that I can re-create this scene.

Who Run Barter Town?

May 28, 2010


barely legal

May 27, 2010

Still floats; still starts; still plan on expecting way too much from her.

back to the grind

May 25, 2010

Well, back to the fishing/working in the yard schedule.  finished my work on the orchard for the year.  The addition of two new cherry trees will compliment the blueberry bushes (six high, six low), two apple trees, peach tree, pear tree and plum tree nicely.  Too bad all I seem to harvest thus far are dandelions.

tomorrow the contractor shows up with his excavator and rock picker to start the retaining wall for the new garden.  I’m thinking go big or go home.  Before and after photos to come.  Just remember, when the world goes nuts in 2012, you’re all welcome to come over and feast off of the bounty of the land.  It will, however, cost you your women.

San Fransisco

May 25, 2010

San Fransisco strikes me as a great town…don’t get me wrong-there are still plenty of crazy folks running wild.  However, I could see myself enjoying a good three day binge there.  These sea lions on pier 39 down by the waterfront were pretty cool.  I loved that there was one guy whose sole responsibility was to keep them off of the docks at the adjacent marina.  I wonder if he got full bennies?  One of the folks I was traveling with was telling me how intelligent these animals are and mentioned an article that claimed if we were to find these on another planet we would consider them an intelligent life-form.  I bet they taste good?

freakville USA

May 22, 2010

Maybe I’m just too used to small, blue-collar towns in the east.  Berkley, Ca. is full of able-bodied young men playing homeless and people who can devote way to much energy to living green because they have the luxury of not needing to ‘get-er’-done’.  I think that you can tell a lot about a town by the coffee shops, and I can’t seem to find one that opens before seven.  I did stumble upon two people having sex in the woods…so I’ve got that going for me.

California wedding

May 20, 2010

Off to California for a wedding.  If this kid is there I’m making him do a keg-stand…why put off the inevitable.

No Mercy

May 19, 2010

So today we were blessed with the presence of another federal observer.  Patrick was new on the job….the wind was blowing 3o mph out of the east….and the seas had not yet organized, or ‘come together’, creating what is known as the washing machine effect.

There are indicators to let you know when someone is going to lose their lunch.  The first sign in that said person will become mysteriously quiet.  All of the sudden the thrill of the experience has worn off.  The second sign is color change: a pale yellow/green.  The third sign comes right before said person realizes that this is not going to go away and there is no longer any point in trying to hide your discomfort: gulping for air.  Like a goldfish, except sadder.  The final, dead giveaway is the mad dash for the door.  Poor fella.  At least he was a good sport about it.  Of course Scott debating which was the finest of the breakfast meats, almost raw bacon or gritty linguica, didn’t help him.  I did my part by breaking out a sandwich (even though I wasn’t hungry and it was only five am) containing a pungent horseradish cheddar.  In between hurls I offered him a bite, but I don’t think he likes spicy mustard.   The audio in this vid is priceless.  Long live the Gloucester fishermen!

I wonder how the government is going to deliver our citations for harassing a federal employee?

Just for those of you who couldn’t hear Scott’s advice: “When you get down to the part that’s round, brown and hairy you’ll want to swallow that back down.  That will be your asshole.”