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Where’s Arnie?

February 27, 2010

There he is…Oh, wait, that’s the police calling me on his behalf.  I will respect my friends anonymity, but I will make fun of his choice of drunken parking….


That’s what you get for making me pull an all-nighter at the police station on a work night, Arnie.  Next time you choose to sleep it off, take the keys out of the ignition.  Oh, and park someplace a little less conspicuous.

Momma always told me, nothing good happens once the bottle caps come off.


Taking advantage

February 25, 2010

Well, we had a small break in the weather today.  Just enough to squeeze two quick trips in before this hurricane hits tonight.  There was about a 10-12 foot swell left over from yesterday, and by the end of our second run the east wind was kicking things up again.  There is a storm warning up, with the potential for 25 foot seas out on the fishing grounds by the morning.  We’ll try to go, but it doesn’t look good.  Great surf at the breakwater today, and in the past we have watched maniacs out there trying to catch some waves.  It’s almost always followed by a call to the coast guard…

decisions decisions

February 24, 2010

Sitting at the computer @5 am (two hours later than usual), trying to figure out if I want to brave the storm warning that is up.  With boss-man in DC rallying against another poor management regime, I’m in charge.  And while I’ve got no problems with 10-15′ seas and screaming winds, my green stern-man might not fair as well.  The fishing will be incredibly easy, just getting there and back will not.  I guess I’ll leave the decision up to the latest buoy reports, and perhaps Satan.  He does love fish.

Worth reading

February 23, 2010


February 23, 2010

So I was browsing the internet yesterday (information superhighway), and Paul McCartney speaking on behalf of PETA told me to stop eating seafood.  He claimed that the worlds oceans are in a tragic state due to overfishing.  My only problem with these “extremist” groups like PETA, Oceana, the PEW foundation etc. is that they are not extreme enough!  That is why I have decided to take the health of the worlds oceans as a personal mission.  I am starting my own foundation: FAGTARD.  Fishlovers against the gross treatment of animals.  See, these other bush-league groups are leaving out the biggest threat to our oceans…the fish themselves.  These ruthless killers consume more seafood than any other user group and I will not stand idly by while my aquatic brethren are being devastated at such an alarming rate.  My approach will be to target predatory species directly and show them the benefits of eating seaweed.  If you would like to support my cause, please send me five American dollars and a lock of your wife’s and or girlfriends hair.


February 20, 2010

So, about three years ago, they began construction on three underwater pipelines to transfer Liquid natural gas from these huge tankers to holding facilities just outside of Boston.  the tankers pull up to offshore ‘docking’ stations (about 13 miles outside of Gloucester)  where they pump up millions of gallons of seawater, heat it up and use it to transfer the liquid back into a gas.  The hot seawater is then pumped back into the ocean.  Now admittedly, I am no scientist.  But it seems to me that killing every living egg, larvae and bit of algae in millions of gallons of seawater may be detrimental to the environment?  Not to mention most of the tankers arrive from Yemen, the shangri-la  of terrorist training grounds.  I’ll take a nice wind-farm any day.


February 19, 2010

I hate northwest wind in the winter.  Seems to be windy for weeks on end; always a cold wind coming off the land; the waves never get big, but they are always so choppy that the boat doesn’t have time to recover before the next one hits.  Everything in the boat ends up on the floor.   It doesn’t matter what you are wearing when its choppy like this, you always get soaked.  I think that I’ve got swimmers ear.

There is a big fisherman’s rally in DC next Wednesday to voice our grievances regarding the Sector based management plan the Obama bunch has in store for us.  The short of it is they want to privatize the fisheries, placing all of the power at the disposal of the wealthy.  My problem with this as a management strategy  is that it will weed out all of the small day boat operations and replace them with larger ‘factory’ vessels.  This will essentially undo all of the sacrifices that the current fleet has made to restore fish stocks.  Not to mention that quality will go to shit.  Lucky for us the govt has its head so far up its ass that they can’t seem to get the thing together.  It’s supposed to be in place for the 2010 fishing season (which starts May 1st).  My prediction:  The chicken shit environmentalists who have been put in charge by Obama will realize that they have too much work to do to make this work.  They will play the hero by saying “We’ve decided to postpone this regulatory strategy in an effort to save jobs in a troubling economy”.   Watch for it…if I’m right you all owe me a dollar.  I can go house at the dollar store.

Sweet day

February 17, 2010

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?  The weatherman dropped the ball today, in our favor.  Nice and calm.  Aside from the snow being a slight inconvenience in the morning, the view from the ocean was pretty cool.  The fish were big and plentiful.  The prices were the best we’ve seen yet.  And I didn’t get shit on once.

If someone can think of a way to process and sell cod guts, let me know.  I’ve got a guy.

Shakin’ a bush, boss

February 16, 2010

I think its natural to think your boss is retarded.  I mean, in a lot of ways they are like the quarterback of a football team.  When you win it’s because of them, as well as when you lose.  I’ve certainly been the one running the show and catching all of the blame when things went wrong, and it sucks.  Right now things are going great: the fish are everywhere (14 consecutive trips with our cod limit); the prices are coming around with the closure of the fishing grounds in Canada, eh;  Hell, even the wind let go today.  My boss, still a retard.


February 15, 2010

For a dog that couldn’t swim, he loved to chase what he thought were fish.  I’d kiss a monkeys balls to be back in the Bahamas right now.

Looks like a happy couple to me?